‘Don’t turn schools into battlegrounds over Covid vaccine’

Posted: 8th September 2021

Schools risk becoming battlegrounds over Covid vaccines and non-school staff should administer the jabs to avoid damaging relationships with parents, the head of an academy chain warned.

Steve Chalke, found of the Oasis Academy chain, said that although he supports vaccinating 12 to 15-year-olds, school staff should not be involved in the “time and energy-consuming” process of delivering the vaccines.

It comes after the vaccine advisory body JCVI refused to give the go-ahead to vaccinating healthy children on medical grounds alone because they are at such low risk from the virus that jabs would offer only a marginal benefit.

The UK’S four chief medical officers are considering the wider impact on schools and society before making a final decision, because the JCVI did not consider the effects of Covid on children’s education and pupil absences from school.

Mr Chalke said: “What is vital is that schools are not turned into battlegrounds with families, or that to have been ‘jabbed or not jabbed’ is allowed to become the latest bullying issue.”

Source: Evening Standard

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