Bully nursery worker picked on frightened toddlers with nasty physical and verbal abuse

Posted: 13th September 2021

Josh Doherty has been struck off for his catalogue of shocking behaviour against under fives he was supposed to help care for.

A nursery worker has been struck off after bullying and picking on toddlers.

Josh Doherty was helping care for three to five years olds as a trainee at Little Flowers in Renfrew when his outrageous behaviour came to light.

His behaviour so traumatised one little girl that she would arrive home crying and go to bed, and told her mum she was worried about being in the group he was supposed to help look after.

The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) revealed that Doherty threatened a little boy when he became distracted and pulled away the face of another when she turn around to look at another member of staff.

report published on his behaviour explained that he was working at he nursery in 2020 and children were put into bubbles of eight for Covid-19 related reasons.

On September 22 he bawled at a three-year-old child: “Why are you crying, that’s it, I’ve had enough and I’m going to be speaking to your mum”.

When the same little girl saw him in the garden the following day she got upset and went inside. Doherty followed her and sat on a small table and held her hands telling her: “You need to stop this, this is ridiculous.”

The child turned to look at a member of staff behind her and her pulled her face, forcing it round, saying: “I’m talking to you, you need to look at me when I speak to you, that is very rude.”

The other member of staff said the girl was inconsolable and when another member of staff took over from him, Doherty’s responded saying she was “one for the watching, that crying business, she just puts that on”.

It as also claimed that he shouted at a child who wanted to join a different group, and threatened a little boy who wandered into a different room, telling him: “If you dare leave this room I swear to God”.

The SSSC found Docherty lacked compassion, respect and understanding for the very young children he was charged with caring for, and failed to consider their needs or ages.

He also failed to recognise the balance of power between himself and vulnerable children and his behaviour was both verbally and physically abusive.

Ordering him to be stricken from the register – effectively ending his career in child care – the panel told Doherty: “The children in question should be able to access their nursery without feelings of fear and distress.

“The panel concluded that your behaviour was at the higher end of the scale of seriousness. The panel considered that there was a real risk of repetition. In coming to that view, the panel took into account the fact that you engaged in multiple incidents involving three children. The panel viewed your conduct as a pattern of behaviour which might be reflective of your values and your temperament that may not be compatible with working in the social services sector.

“The panel took no reassurance from your account as you had not accepted that you had done anything wrong and instead tried to defend your actions. The panel took the view that the risk of repetition, were you to work in social services in the future, was high.”

Little Flowers issued a statement explaining they acted immediately after concerns were raised, saying: “We have been informed that a decision has been made by the Scottish Social Services Council to strike off a former employee Josh Doherty from the Day care Children Register.

“The employee having undergone PVG checks and two previous childcare references was employed by Little Flowers Nursery for a short period of time, under supervised probation as a trainee practitioner.

“The incidents were reported at the end of day one and mid afternoon day two, in which the managers took prompt action in suspending the employee pending investigation and speaking with the child’s parents

The manager investigated the matter and took the decision to end employment with immediate effect, informing the families involved and reporting to SSSC.

“The nursery has a duty to report misconduct to SSSC and inform them of our decision. The matter was then dealt with externally between employees and SSSC. ”

The nursery was made aware of the decision from SSSC and informed parents by the next evening. We as a nursery take our role very importantly, to ensure children and families are safe, cared for and respected. We have policies and procedures in place and are pleased our staff take their roles as practitioners very seriously following current practice and showing respect and care for the children who attend their establishment. The past incidents should not reflect the current ongoings or staff within the nursery and those who have remained there should take great pride in themselves for protecting those in their care.

Source: https://www.glasgowlive.co.uk/news/glasgow-news/bully-nursery-worker-picked-frightened-21503861 (September 2021)

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