Former Aston Villa and Leeds United defender Brendon Ormsby suffered a stroke in 2013, now he is living with CTE and in desperate need of help…as study confirms repetitively heading the ball can cause permanent damage

Posted: 21st February 2022

Brendon Ormsby has been told he’s living with CTE, with the 61-year-old former Aston Villa and Leeds United centre back currently struggling and in need of help.

Sportsmail interviewed the Ormsby family at their home in Selby, North Yorkshire in October 2019. His loving wife, Wendy, who cares for him full-time, revealed how a stroke in 2013 meant he could no longer speak.

Tragically the only two things Brendon could say fluently at that time were ‘Aston Villa’ and ‘Leeds United’, and he has deteriorated further since that interview three years ago.

A ‘Leeds legends night’ will be held in Elland Road’s Norman Hunter suite on Thursday March 3 to raise money for Brendon, who was a wholehearted centre back in his heyday.

Among those in attendance will be Gordon Strachan, Eddie Gray, Mel Sterland, Ian Baird and John Sheridan.

‘It’s not just the sufferer,’ said John Stiles, son of 1966 legend Nobby and one of the organisers behind the evening.

‘It’s the people around them. It’s the entire family, and we want to help the Ormsby’s.

‘Brendon was a wonderful lad and a great player who put his heart and soul into football.’ It comes after the Ormsby family’s neurologist told them that she believes Brendon is living with CTE – full name Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.

The trauma-induced disease can currently only be officially diagnosed by dissecting and analysing the brain tissue but there are tell-tale signs which can be detected in those still alive, such as dementia. Wendy believes heading the ball is behind her husband’s demise.

News of Brendon’s struggles come in the same week that researchers in Norway reported repetitive heading causes changes to blood patterns in the brain, potentially causing damage.

Also looking at accidental head impacts, the study which focused on 89 professional players in the Norwegian top flight added to the discussion over how safe it is to head the ball in today’s game.

Source: Daily Mail

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