In July 2020, we told how teaching was not up at scratch at Patna Primary after it was handed a less than glowing report by HM Inspectors.

At the time parents also savaged the schooling given to their kids — with 25 per cent saying in a survey they “strongly disagreed” that the school was well led and managed.

HM Inspectors visited the school and identified a number of areas of improvement.

Now it seems the changes and improvements are taking shape nicely.

In a letter to parents, Sadie Cushley, HM Inspector, said: “Since the last inspection, a new headteacher and depute headteacher have been appointed to lead the school. This new team is providing strong leadership to the school community during the pandemic.

“The new headteacher has a clear focus on the health and wellbeing of children and school staff. She has prioritised the mental health of staff and children and offers support meetings and discussions to all staff on a regular basis.”

The HM Inspector also noted that the new headteacher and staff have built “positive relationships” with parents.

The report goes on: “The new headteacher and depute headteacher have a clear understanding of the areas of the school requiring improvement. They now ensure all improvement activities focus on raising children’s attainment.

“All staff have an area of responsibility which is resulting in an increased pace of change and strengthened leadership across the school.

“The commitment of staff to school improvement is raising aspirations for children.”

Linda McAulay-Griffiths, Chief Education Officer and Head of Education at East Ayrshire Council said: “I welcome the findings of Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Education (HMIE) recent visit to Patna Primary School, Supported Learning Centre and Early Childhood Centre.

“HMIE identified that there are noticeable improvements in how staff assess children’s progress as well as improvements in learning and teaching and raising attainment.

“It is credit to the entire school community that despite the challenges we have all faced, the school has successfully addressed the recommendations from the original inspection.”