Scottish teacher abused over ‘SNP perverts’ blames red-top ‘scare stories’

Posted: 17th March 2022

A TEACHER who was abused over “perverts in the SNP” has blamed the tabloid media for stirring up tensions with exaggerated stories about Scottish schools.

Jennifer McCreery*, a teacher at a primary school in the West of Scotland, faced intimidating abuse while leaving work last month.

She told the Sunday National that she had been conducting a parents’ evening and was walking to her car with a colleague when the man, who was described as being in his 60s, walked past them and launched into a rant about the SNP.

McCreery said: “It was quite late. It was starting to get dark. This guy just appeared and just started shouting: ‘I hope you’re not having any of this f****** SNP pervert stuff, it’s disgusting’.”

The experience has made ­McCreery “think twice” about leaving work on her own late at night.

“My colleague was a bit calmer than me,” she said.

“If I had been on my own, I might have been more confrontational but he de-escalated him a bit. It’s all these nonsense stories in the tabloids, I know it’s related to that.”

She blames media reporting around the Scottish Government’s health and wellbeing census – which has been dubbed the pupil sex survey by the media – for the man’s outburst.

Ministers have come under fire for the survey which asks pupils in S4 and above details about their sexual health and experiences, which opponents have branded “inappropriate”.

McCreery, a teacher of six years, added: “It’s these rogue headlines that say ‘child sex survey’ and ‘anal sex survey’ and things like that. It’s been twisted and blown out of proportion. The red-top tabloids and the usual suspects have run with it.”

She said that working conditions had “got worse” in the six years she has been a teacher, adding that the “mischief making” of the press was diminishing the public perception of the profession.

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