ADHD and autism: Turning to social media for ‘diagnosis’

Posted: 10th February 2023

Content about neurodiversity is extremely popular on social media but there are fears people who suspect they have a condition, such as ADHD or autism, are increasingly using it to self-diagnose.

Charities, including ADHD-UK, say long waiting lists for official assessments are contributing to the issue, with average wait times for an ADHD assessment taking between two and three years.

Although short video posts describing supposed “signs” of neurodivergent conditions can raise awareness, experts warn only an official diagnosis can give people access to the appropriate help and treatment.

BBC reporter Ben Moore has been speaking to influencer Molly Brooks-Dridge, from Havant, Hampshire, who is autistic and has ADHD, Bethan Amey, from Blandford in Dorset, who is autistic and self-diagnosed using social media, founder of ADHD UK Henry Shelford and psychologist Dr Tara Quinn-Cirillo.

Source: ADHD and autism: Turning to social media for ‘diagnosis’ – BBC News

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