‘Public health ticking time bomb’: Tory MP warns vapes are being ‘illicitly traded’ by children in school playgrounds

Posted: 3rd May 2023

A Conservative MP has said vapes are a “ticking time bomb” for young people as he warns e-cigarettes are being “illicitly traded” on school playgrounds.

Tory MP Neil Hudson has suggested vapes should be hidden out of view in shops, as he told parliament the “appealing, colourful, fruit-flavoured” options make e-cigarettes seem “like sweeties on shelves”.

Mr Hudson, the MP for Penrith and The Border, is pushing for action from the government to discourage under-18s from using the cigarette alternatives.

The demand comes after last month ministers pledged they would crackdown on the illicit sale of vape products to youngsters by the introduction of an “illicit vapes enforcement squad”.

Mr Hudson also told parliament of the impact e-cigarettes are having on children’s sleeping habits, as the addiction disrupts their sleep.

He said children are “setting their alarms for two or three in the morning so they can vape in the middle of the night to avoid withdrawal symptoms the next day.”

“At school there have been reports of students leaving lessons and even walking out of examinations because they simply cannot last without the use of a vape.

Source: ‘Public health ticking time bomb’: Tory MP warns vapes are being ‘illicitly traded’ by… – LBC

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