Children should be able to see counsellors outside of school, report says

Posted: 10th May 2023

The recommendation was part of a report by the Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland, which had a panel of young advisers use the office’s powers of investigation to examine the provision of counselling services in secondary schools north of the border.

It is believed to be the first time young people anywhere in the world have used a children’s commissioner’s legal powers to lead an investigation – with mental health investigators aged between 14 and 17 working on the report.

They helped with planning the investigation, deciding what evidence was needed from councils, access and evaluate that evidence, and make recommendations.

It has recommended that all children should have a right of access to counselling at school; that local authorities should ensure it is available out-of-hours, during holidays, and outside of school; that the Scottish Government should expand school counselling provision to all primary and special schools; and that councils should have clear waiting times for children who want to access services, and information should be child-friendly.

Source: Children should be able to see counsellors outside of school hours, report says | STV News

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