Southampton researchers design app to help treat lazy eye

Posted: 31st May 2023

An app has been designed to help with the treatment of lazy eye in children.

The condition, also known as amblyopia, can be treated with a patch over the “good” eye in order to help the other build its link to the brain.

Researchers at the University of Southampton believe their app will reduce some of the stress from that process for both children and parents.

It contains various games that use the phone’s camera to detect if the user is wearing their patch properly.

Lazy eye affects around one in 50 but needs to be treated before the age of eight to have any meaningful impact.

Ben, whose seven-year-old daughter Lacie is receiving treatment for the condition, said it used to be a “battle” to get her to wear her patch.

However, he said the app made her “instantly forget about the patch because she’d want to play the game more than anything”.

“We used to have to kind of force her to wear it,” Ben added. “But she’s getting a lot better… if she wants to play that game she has to wear the patch.”

Source: Southampton researchers design app to help treat lazy eye – BBC News

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