Man sets up mental health support group to help other male sufferers

Posted: 7th September 2023

Aaron aims to help men across South Tyneside suffering from mental health.

In a bid to help other men suffering from mental health Aaron Ferguson has set up his own group to support others.

The 29-year-old who suffers from depression and anxiety believes there’s a need for a service like this in the area with not much in South Tyneside to support men suffering from mental health.

Aaron is passionate in helping others due to his own struggles but also experiencing loss due to suicide he knows how difficult it can be for men to open up.

Aaron from Jarrow’s group will be based across different location across South Tyneside in social settings such as a snooker club, bowling, or going for a walk. He believes men will be more likely to open up if they are in a social setting.

He said: “I feel there’s very little out there for men unless you’re able to travel and I do hope that something like this will encourage men to come along and feel comfortable sharing their worries.

“Although I’m still trying to set sessions up I’ve had a lot of support from friends who said they will come along so spreading the word about what I’m doing is important.”

Aaron who works at Aldi will be running the sessions outside his working hours and will look to run sessions on different times and days making it accessible to more men across the borough.

He hopes the sessions can make a real difference to men suffering in silence.

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