Improve NHS mental health funding or more children will die by suicide, says coroner

Posted: 14th September 2023

A prevention of future deaths report is sent to Steve Barclay after Allison Aules, 12, took her own life

A London coroner has warned the health secretary that preventable child suicides are likely to increase unless the government provides more funding for mental health services.

Nadia Persaud, the east London area coroner, told Steve Barclay that the suicide of Allison Aules, 12, in July 2022 highlighted the risk of similar deaths “unless action is taken”.

In a damning prevention of future deaths report addressed to Barclay, NHS England and two royal colleges, Persaud said the “under-resourcing of CAMHS [child and adolescent mental health services] contributed to delays in Allison being assessed by the mental health team”.

An inquest into Allison’s death last month found that a series of failures by North East London NHS foundation trust (NELFT) contributed to her death.

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