Swindon fast-food shops face restrictions near schools

Posted: 4th October 2023

Fast-food shops will be restricted from trading near schools in a council plan to cut “alarming” obesity statistics.

Swindon Borough Council also plans to create healthier environments through its planning, housing, social care, environmental health work.

A recent council report revealed one in four children aged between four and five were obese.

Council director of public health Steve Maddern said they wanted to “create healthy environments” for people.

“This is about creating an environment where people are able to be healthy more than asking them what individual actions they will take to lose weight.

“Subconsciously it will encourage them to eat more healthily,” he said.

Community fruit and veg schemes

Local Democracy Reporting Service said council officers would also continue the work already started with existing takeaways in central Swindon advising on how to help customers reduce excess calorie consumption, fat and sugar.

The new obesity strategy includes plans to engage 80 business, in postcodes that have been linked to areas of greater childhood obesity prevalence, on healthy catering tips, these takeaways are located.

The council also aims to get 20 business to implement recommended changes as part of a consultation with Environmental Health Officers.

Cabinet member for housing councillor Janine Howarth said schools were seeing the effect of the ease and prevalence of takeaway and “finger food”.

“Children are going to school not knowing how to use a knife and fork,” she said.

Ms Clark said part of the plan would be to work with families and create community fruit and veg growing schemes in lower socio-economic neighbourhoods.

The council said the obesity strategy was endorsed by the board and will be adopted.

Source: Swindon fast-food shops face restrictions near schools – BBC News

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