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HIEDA/BSA – Vaping

22nd June 2023 @ 10:30 am - 11:30 am

  • Date: 22 June 2023 
  • Time: 10:30 – 11:30 
  • Venue: Zoom (online) – webinar


  • Health workers, youth and early help workers, safeguarding practitioners, PSHE co-ordinators, pastoral support workers, volunteers working with children and young people and their parents, leaders and trustees with oversight of health, wellbeing and safeguarding.

Course outline

We know that the prevalence of children and young people involved in vaping is a growing concern and regulation of vaping products does not support harm reduction. Young people are growing up in a world in which they are very likely to encounter and experiment with vaping along with use of other substances. They need to know the facts about what they might encounter, what the dangers are, what the myths are and how to access advice and support for their vaping use. This seminar is designed to improve the knowledge of those who are teaching, and supporting, young people to navigate through these issues. Attendees will receive a full update on current facts and figures surrounding vaping concerns along with information on current Government strategies to combat the sale and promotion of these devices, in particular to teenagers. Options and advice to offer students and their parents with concerns around vape addiction will be provided so attendees can share these more broadly across their school, as well as options on how to deter the current epidemic use of vapes, even on site.

Training topics will include: 

  • Recent trends in vape use by children and young people
  • The facts and myths associated with vaping
  • Addictive properties and health implications of vaping
  • Risk of injury in relation to ‘counterfeit’ vapes
  • How can workers and volunteers speak to parents and children about vaping
  • Sources of support and advice on vaping

Learning outcomes:

  • Strengthen knowledge and understanding of the trends of vape use by children and young people including current health issues surrounding vaping, and in particular disposable vapes (puff bars)
  • Increase confidence and competence in speaking to parents and children about the facts, myths and effects of vaping
  • To be able to answer questions confidently when asked about vaping, its effects and harm reduction strategies
  • Increase awareness of sources of support, advice and signposting to be able to offer appropriate support to a young person and their parents who are encountering difficulties due to vaping.


  • Hieda/BSA Member Rate: £60 
  • Hieda/BSA Additional Member Delegate Fee: £20
  • Non-member Rate: £120* 

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Speaker: Dave Parvin

A former Drug Squad Officer- Dave has seen the damage and destruction first hand that  ‘drugs’ can bring to those who choose to have a life that involves the use of these substances and as such is passionate about raising the awareness of the ‘potential risks and dangers’ associated with this life style. Since leaving the police Dave over the last 17 years has delivered hundreds of Drug Awareness Sessions to Schools and Colleges all over the country engaging with all parties (Students/Staff and Parental Sessions) to ensure his key message about raising the awareness of the real risks and dangers associated with many substances young people in particular are likely to come into contact with. He does not preach and delivers his presentations in a ‘non judgemental manner’ in his own ‘unique style’, ensuring that his audiences engage with him from the very minute he starts to speak. He also has strong links with NAMSS (National Association for Managers of Student Services) and for the BSA (Boarding School Association) delivering bespoke Drug Awareness Training events for their staff (including work overseas with international schools).


22nd June 2023
10:30 am - 11:30 am


Health in Education Association