The Seacole Standard

What is the Seacole Standard?

The Seacole Standard (named after the pioneering 19th century nurse Mary Seacole) will be awarded to School Health Centres on achieving a high standard of treatment and care. Hieda, which is part of the BSA Group, has developed a rigorous approach which is based on five key questions:

  • Is the Health Centre a safe environment for all members of the community?
  • Is the care and treatment fit for purpose?
  • Are all members of the community treated with kindness and respect?
  • Is the care and treatment appropriate for every member of the community?
  • Is the Health Centre well-led and supported by senior staff?

The standards have been developed with reference to the Care Quality Commission’s key questions and to applicable boarding standards in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It is important to acknowledge that in achieving the Seacole Standard there is no guarantee that the Health Centre will be approved by these or any other inspection body.

Why is Hieda/BSA Group introducing the Seacole Standard?

There are two key aims behind this initiative:

  • We aim to support all schools in providing an excellent level of health and medical care. In aspiring to achieve the Seacole Standard we hope to assist schools in improving their provision. The aim is to support, and not to try to catch out, Health Centre teams.
  • In choosing a school for their children, parents want to be assured that a high standard of care is provided if their child falls sick or is injured, particularly in a boarding school. In achieving the Seacole Standard your school will be able to use the logo and explain to parents that the Health Centre has been assessed, by an independent body, as providing a high standard of care.

What can you expect?

Health and medical provision differs greatly across schools. Our approach has been designed so that it can be tailored to suit all environments whether it be a large Health Centre, with 10 or more staff, or a smaller provision run by a matron or individual nurse. It is the provision in context that matters and not the level of resource. If the five questions above can be answered positively, and with evidence, then you are likely to achieve the Seacole Standard.

Our experienced and knowledgeable consultant will discuss the approach with you prior to the visit. In this call we will be able to gain a clear idea of how your provision functions and how to approach the assessment. You can also ask us to focus on specific areas of interest such as staffing, facilities or medicines management.

We will spend time on site, likely to be one day, gathering evidence, which will include a high-level review of policies and meetings with relevant staff and pupils.

Following this visit we will send you a two-page report which will highlight strengths and make recommendations. This report will be discussed with you, and amended if appropriate, before being finalised.

When will the Seacole Standard be available?

We will be launching the Seacole Standard in September and are aiming to pilot it in a small number of schools. Please get in touch if you would like to hear more (

For how long is it valid?

The Seacole Standard is valid for three years.


Members: £1,500 + VAT
Non-Members – £2,500 + VAT


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