eating disorder

Salt and sugar tax for England to be ruled out

13th June 2022

The government is expected to reject proposals to introduce a new salt and sugar tax in England when it announces its food strategy next week. Monday’s policy paper comes after Henry Dimbleby’s review recommended taxing salt and sugar used in processed foods, restaurants and catering. Boris Johnson previously called the proposal “unattractive”. But a government source stressed…

How to Validate Your Emotions

8th June 2022

Five steps for allowing yourself to feel what you feel. KEY POINTS Emotions are at the centre of eating disorders and disordered eating. Learning to pay attention to emotions and what they are communicating helps to better regulate them. Emotional validation is a skill that involves acknowledging your right to feel what you feel and…

Supporting mental health: Spotlight on self-harm and eating disorders

16th November 2021

This course will spotlight the unhealthy coping strategies used by those suffering from mental illness. The candidates will hear detailed personal experiences, professional advice on support and strategies for assisting anyone who is going though treatment and recovery phases of their illness.