Resilience building

28th March 2022

This course provides guidance and training on how to build resilience in others. Simple tips that can be used to demonstrate and ‘model’ in the workplace will be shared with delegates. The process can be used in conjunction with poor performance processes and appraisals, career development and preparation for further education.

Health promotion

17th March 2022

The aim of this course is to identify and discuss areas where health promotion can be taught and supported in the educational setting or workplace. A variety of topics will be discussed such as healthy eating and body checks. We will explore the resources available and decide how this education can be disseminated in your workplace.

Infection control

4th October 2021

This course enables the holder to develop and understanding of infection control management. It identifies the risks and precautions required to meet inspection and HSE standards whilst keeping employees, carers, and clients safe. It outlines common infections, transmission methods and safe handling of bodily fluids.