Nurse angst

9th June 2022

This course looks at a variety of areas of school nursing that can be worrisome.

Born to lead: Leading a Nursing team

13th January 2022

This seminar will consolidate and develop leadership skills in Nurses who are in charge of a small or large team working within a school environment. The day will present skills that could improve the cohesion and working styles of the medical team, and between the medical team and the wider school community.

Advanced Certificate in Professional Practice for School Nurses

3rd November 2021

This course will link professional practice with current research and best practice to provide a unique opportunity for school nurses, whether working in relative isolation or as part of the medical team, to development their knowledge, skills and practice across a wide range of the key current themes/topics most relevant to their role. In addition, there will be a linked research project which will provide the chance to focus on a specific aspect in more detail.