Job Description

ey role/responsibilities

The role of a clinical advisor within Rodericks is to ensure that our clinicians feel supported to provide excellent care for their patients in a safe environment.

As a clinical advisor you will embrace the concepts of:

  • Support: Help and guide our dentists, hygienist and therapists.
  • Development: Encourage career success and personal development.
  • Quality: Help our dentists, hygienists and therapists to Provide clinically effective care to our patients.
  • Clinical efficiency: Enable our teams to delivering dentistry in an efficient and productive way.

Rodericks clinical advisors are experienced dental registrants who work as part of the clinical team to facilitate Rodericks support, development, quality and performance program accompanying Rodericks business agenda, P+S strategy and 5-year budget from a clinical perspective and working with the clinical and operations team to develop our clinically-led practices.


Provide Clinical Support

Provide clinical support to Rodericks clinicians including acquisition sites when required.

This will be a blended approach to support including signposting, phone, email, zoom and face 2 face meetings.


Ensure all clinicians understand the principles of excellent ethical and clinical values.

Provide Pastoral Support


When required provide pastoral care to clinicians and practice teams including signposting to other members of the team and relevant organisations

Support clinicians to deal with any challenges that they are facing in their day 2-day work.


Including support with complaints, regulatory referrals, NHS audits and signposting for additional support internally or to external organisations

Support clinicians to develop their careers from early FD+1/FD+2 stage to more experienced practitioners

Understand Rodericks career pathways and support the dentist journey through their time

Promote the provision of Dental Foundation Training in Rodericks practices

Provide support and development for identified potential educational supervisors


Promote the provision of PVLE training in Rodericks Practices

Provide support and development for identified potential mentors

Promote the development of clinical leaders in Rodericks practices

Provide support and development for identified clinical leaders


Development Role (see support also)


P+S agenda:

Development of clinical practice to support the P+S agenda

Support and signpost any dentist who is developing their private clinical practice.

Ensure clinical (CW) and operations team are involved in action plan for private development.

Facilitate the professional development of dentists and the creation of a PDP where required

To ensure performers professional development/ career opportunities and progress is monitored on an ongoing basis.

Explaining the importance of CPD/lifelong learning and PDP’s


Support Rodericks ‘CPD Club’

Promote Rodericks CPD club as a way to enable team attendance at events with ‘review and reflect’ meetings in practice.

Such other duties as will advance the well-being of Rodericks Ltd


Performance and Quality Role


Monitor Clinical Performance

Provide written reports in a timely manner to CCO, and Head of Clinical Quality and Support on performers who Rodericks Dental/ clinical team have placed under audit review, email performer with an agreed SMART action plan and monitor this action plan.

Act upon results of audits, e.g., patient satisfaction surveys, DRO, KPI and BSA vital signs reports /DAF/ eDens/ in house audits

To ensure issues are dealt with in a timely manner and action plans are in place and reviewed.

Assess the overall operating of the practice


Practice team are working together to achieve a high standard of patient care and staff wellbeing, Trouble shoot operational issues as needed.

Work with managers and trouble shoot problems relating to performers, patients, complaints, PCT, NHS England


To ensure issues are dealt with in a timely manner and help when requested to do so or sooner if you feel that it is appropriate to do so.

Ensure the Rodericks Compliance procedures for incident reporting are followed


To ensure that the best interests of the company are protected at all times

Communication Role


Assist the establishment and maintenance of working channels of communication with regional, area and practice manager and Chief Clinical Officer

To ensure Rodericks benefits from the sharing of knowledge across the company


Provide Feedback


Feedback to clinical team / operations team on matters arising

Feedback to the dentists on your findings with actions plans.

To the Practice Manager at the end of any practice visit/ remote meeting


Collate and present appropriate reports for:

  • Clinical meetings
  • Meetings with dentists e.g., 1:2:1’s, peer review.

Verbal report for the clinical meeting, what’s going well, what’s not going so well and issues and how they have been resolved or are being remediated.

Written report for 1:2:1’S, peer review and team meetings to CCO and Head of Clinical Quality and Support.

Report to accompany any signposting for a clinician.

Recruitment and marketing


Support the recruitment and marketing team to promote Rodericks Ltd

Engage with the recruitment team to complete remote or face to face clinical screens for new dentists.

Support the marketing team to create promotional content.

Get involved with recruitment events such as trade shows and university talks.


  • GDC dental registrant (no conditions)
  • Current indemnity certificate
  • 5-years post qualification
  • Extensive primary care experience in dentistry
  • Can demonstrate an understanding of NHS Dentistry
  • Demonstrable track record of delivery in service
  • Experience in providing private dental care to patients
  • Ability to work within a team
  • Has ability to manage time commitment necessary: 1 day per week (possibly increasing to 2)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to travel and stay on location when required
  • Currently working within Rodericks Dental Ltd in a clinical capacity.


  • Post graduate qualification
  • Experience as FD ES or overseas dentist mentor
  • Has received training in mentoring/ appraising/ counselling

Can demonstrate skills in leadership


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