Job Description

At Spill, we are working to make therapy a universal employee benefit. Started in 2019, over 600 companies use Spill and we’re currently delivering over 30,000 therapy sessions per year.


  • Weekly supervision with Senior Safeguarding Supervisors
  • Responsible for safeguarding escalation where counsellors do not complete their safeguarding action plans (plans made with Senior Safeguarding Supervisors)
  • Ownership of safeguarding governance
    • Annual training with counsellors
    • Ownership of safeguarding policy
    • Maintenance of safeguarding log
    • Removal of unsafe counsellors from Spill platform
  • Responsible for effectively handling complaints from Spill clients
  • Coordination of weekly Clinical meeting with Senior Safeguarding Supervisors and CEO
  • 2-3 therapy sessions per week with Spill clients

Work experience

  • You are a senior clinical/ counselling psychologist (Band 8a/ 8b or equivalent)
  • You have 2+ years experience managing and supervising other qualified staff
  • You have 2+ years of experience working with clients who present psychiatric risk and of managing this risk and that of the clients with whom your supervisees work
  • You are passionate about and have experience in quality improvement on a service level
  • You have audited and improved clinical systems
  • You are an experienced, compassionate and psychologically flexible clinician who is looking to increase the balance of the work towards the operational.

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