Job Description

When you join St Augustine’s Priory you will be joining our ‘culture of care’ where each one of our pupils and staff is valued for who they are. You will be part of a strong, supportive staff body who know that safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility, and you will be warmly welcomed into the school community as you get to know a range of pupils and their particular needs. St Augustine of Hippo said that ‘a happy child is a successful child’ and at St Augustine’s we nourish the development of the whole person through our Catholic ethos. In a fast paced, frantic and consumerist post-Covid world, some of our young people need a little more support to help them manage their feelings and fears and this is why we are looking for someone to lead on Mental Health while working closely with the well-established pastoral team.

We warmly welcome candidates from a range of backgrounds and the school and governors are committed to a diverse and inclusive community.

Core purpose of the role

  • To promote an ethos and attitude conducive to improved standards of mental health and wellbeing of all members of the community by setting high standards, establishing positive attitudes to mental health and effectively utilising resources to support mental health.
  • To enable all students in our all-through school to overcome personal barriers to learning and to help provide a structure that supports the safety and wellbeing of students, particularly with regard to the mental health of students.
  • To work with other staff to support engagement, attendance, behaviour, transition and progression in order to improve student progress and achievement.
  • To demonstrate the effectiveness of any interventions and the impact on student achievement.
  • To share and support the school’s ethos of faith, vision and purpose and to commit to the highest standards of achievement and personal growth and development for students, emphasising mind, body and soul with Christ at the centre.

Post Responsibilities

Whole School

  • To have a strategic vision for promoting positive mental health across the school
  • To ensure mental health and wellbeing is incorporated into policies, pastoral support systems and curriculum (eg PSHEE)
  • To work with school staff and external agencies to identify students in need of extra support
  • To oversee how students/parents/staff are supported and engaged in managing mental health and access to provision with the DSL
  • To develop plans of support that, for the majority of students, will develop resilience and the ability to work towards their educational and life goals
  • To monitor weekly attendance and work with DSL, Heads of Year/Deputy Head Pastoral (Seniors)/Deputy Head (Preps and Pre-Preps) in raising attendance for children with mental health issues
  • To have a high presence and profile around the School, proactively supporting  school policies

Working with Students

  • To provide a ‘safe haven’ for those students who need it
  • To support the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), Heads of Year (HoYs) and / or school nurse/SENDCO in dealing with unexpected incidents or sudden mental health crises and emergencies
  • To support Looked After Children to ensure they achieve their potential
  • To monitor and respond to MyConcern and other e-safeguarding systems to protect the interests of the student
  • To offer timetabled counselling sessions to pupils who would benefit from more long term intervention (10 sessions, review and then up to 8 further sessions if needed)
  • To develop either 1:1 or small group mentoring relationships with students identified as needing support on an ad hoc basis and/or in drop-in sessions
  • To work with small groups of Year 6 and Year 7 students identified as ‘vulnerable’ as part of the Prep into Senior school transition process
  • To liaise with colleagues in school and with outside agencies to work towards the best outcomes for students
  • To share information about students with mental health needs with other members of staff where appropriate, so that there can be support throughout the school environment
  • To lead on specific areas such as self-harm, eating disorders, and low self-esteem/friendship issues in conjunction with the DSL/DDSLs
  • To run bereavement support in-house in conjunction with the Head of Faith Life
  • To run other mental health support services in-house
  • To be a lead practitioner in safeguarding, particularly with regard to mental health issues
  • To liaise positively with parents as necessary and work in partnership for the best outcomes of children

Working with Staff

  • Provide guidance and training to all staff and ensure all staff can:
  • Recognise signs and symptoms of mental health needs in students, and
  • Know what to do should they have a concern
  • Supporting staff in contact with students with mental health needs to:
  • Help raise awareness, provide strategies and
  • Give all staff the confidence to work with these students
  • Knowing what national and local mental health services are available, and actively signposting these to adults
  • Establishing and following a clear process if a concern is raised about an adult’s wellbeing

An inclusive and diverse workplace

We are fully committed to sustaining a positive and mutually supportive working environment free from harassment, discrimination, bullying and victimisation where staff can work collaboratively and productively together, and where all staff are equally valued and respected.

Through working collaboratively with Staff, Students, Parents, Volunteers and Governors we aim to remove barriers that you may face and promote equality of opportunity so that you can achieve your full potential at our School.

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