Job Description


  • To receive referrals and undertake mental health assessments. Design and implement initial care plans for people with mental health or psychological problems in acute and rehabilitative medical care settings. Documenting such assessments in a way acceptable to the service provider.
  • To communicate effectively with the Consultant and multidisciplinary team following assessment and implementation of the care plan.
  • To work independently; this will include working alone out of normal hours and making key decisions about patient care whilst making use of relevant out of hours psychiatric and senior management on call services
  • To carry out mentorship and supervision for nurse students where applicable
  • To liaise with staff in a variety of settings, ensuring that teams are able to respond effectively and efficiently to the needs of people with mental health problems in their care.
  • To provide nursing advice and support for staff in hospital wards or A&E settings.
  • To carry continuing responsibility for the initial assessment of care needs and to also support the management of a shared team caseload
  • To ensure where appropriate that service users are referred for suitable follow-up care.
  • To participate in informal and formal training to acute hospital staff
  • To be familiar with and develop links with the range of mental health facilities and services available Health, Social Services and Voluntary Sector.
  • To maintain clear, concise and accurate notes on all patients referred to the liaison service. Developing and maintaining suitable data bases to contain this information. Providing such information on request.
  • When appropriate to assist ward teams in completion of documentation supporting applications to the appropriate panel for consideration of future placements, providing specialist supplementary reports as required.
  • To proactively work with patients, carers and ward staff to ensure access to the most appropriate care and to facilitate discharge as appropriate.
  • Participate in professional group activities relevant to service and Trust requirements/activity.

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