Job Description

Salary: £32,500 a year
Job type: Permanent



The medical facilities are well equipped in order to facilitate the immediate care, both medical and pastoral, of pupils and staff at Highgate School. There are two main sites where medical care is available – the Senior School Medical Centre on North Road and the Bishopswood Road Medical Centre. Two qualified nurses share the responsibility for the day-to-day medical provision across the whole school and may be required to cover either site.


The role of the School Nurse at Highgate is to support pupils’ health and wellbeing in order for pupils to fully participate in active school life.


Provision of medical care to pupils and staff on a daily basis:

  • Ensuring the best possible medical care is available to both pupils and staff on an immediate and an emergency care basis
  • Treating pupils and staff as appropriate with the aim of encouraging pupils to return to their normal timetable as soon as appropriate
  • Where necessary, arranging to get the pupil / person home safely or to alternative care, e.g. the individual’s GP or to hospital
  • Administering medication according to School policy
  • Performing necessary health checks to assist with diagnosis
  • Liaison with parents and staff in accordance with the School policies on medical and mental health
  • The School Nurses are required to attend buildings other than the Medical Centers and it is vital that they can be contacted at all times. The School will provide mobile phones

Responsibility for the day-to-day running of the of the Mills Centre and Senior School Medical Centers and for providing support where required for the Junior School Medical Room:

  • Ensuring that the Mills Centre and Senior School Medical Centers (and Junior School Medical Room where required) are appropriately staffed, stocked and equipped
  • Ensuring safe storage, usage and disposal of medical supplies and drugs
  • Provision of first aid kits around the school and replacement of supplies
  • Timely maintenance of pupil files, medical records and medical Center attendance records
  • Organisation of essential emergency medications in the Dining Hall and on sites (16) other than the Medical Centre

Coordinating immunisation programmes:

  • Liaising with local health authorities in the organisation of immunisation programmes
  • Arranging and managing communication with parents with regard to consent
  • Maintaining records on electronic register where appropriate

Liaison with appropriate teaching staff with regard to any medical problems concerning pupils:

  • Development of health care plans where appropriate; giving support to relevant teaching staff in their dealings with pupils in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities
  • Regular meetings with senior pastoral staff (Principals, Deputy Heads, Assistant Heads, Heads of Year, Heads of House, etc.) to provide advice on effective pastoral care for particular pupils
  • As part of the nursing team, drafting and updating of “essential care list” of pupils with “need to know” conditions to communicate risk and manage confidentiality
  • Add appropriate information onto the pupil recording systems (CPOMS) to communicate about pupils medical/wellbeing information to staff as appropriate
  • Providing general advice and training for staff for initial care of pupils with particular medical needs

Providing support to academic staff:

  • The School Nurse works closely with the Designated Safeguarding Leads, the Pastoral Management Teams, Welfare Support Officers and School Counsellors, across senior school, junior school and pre-prep, but at all times exercises judgment regarding confidentiality in the context of the primacy of prioritising the safeguarding and welfare of children
  • The School Nurse liaises with the Welfare Support Officers and School Counsellors as appropriate regarding the mental health needs or pupils

Teaching of pupils and/or staff:

  • When requested, provision of first aid updates for members of staff, particularly Sport and Exercise staff or those regularly involved in residential trips
  • When requested, contributing to topics within PSHE schemes of work and / or other assemblies
  • As appropriate, raising awareness of medical and health issues to pupils and staff throughout the School – this may be by distributing appropriate material via pastoral staff, or updating health issues notice boards, and participating in assemblies.

Involvement in Health and Safety issues:

  • Working with staff to ensure the timely completion of accident reports and following School policy in the submission of RIDDOR reports
  • Medical representation, as appropriate, on the School Health and Safety Committee
  • Support the School in a consulting capacity in their management of medical issues relating to a medical crisis, such as the Covid-19 Pandemic


  • Working with the Lead Nurse to ensure medical questionnaires and all relevant parental consent forms to administer or carry medicine etc. on entry to school and at agreed stages of school career are obtained and retained
  • Assisting with the implementation and regular updating of pupil health care plans
  • Maintaining electronic records of daily visits to Medical Centers or accidents treated and reported, including the nature of problem, treatment or advice. Updating as necessary to ensure accurate and rapid retrieval of information
  • Supporting the Lead Nurse in gathering information for the preparing of reports as needed by the school management teams.


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