Job Description

  • Job Title: Welfare Officer and Lead First Aider
  • Job Purpose: To provide welfare and medical services to all pupils and staff, ensuring the best possible care is available on a long-term and immediate emergency basis.
  • Reporting Line: Assistant Head (DSL)
  • Start Date: Monday 15 April 2024 (the school would consider earlier start date)
  • Tenure: Permanent
  • Salary: Competitive – The Royal School Pay Scale
  • Terms: 37.5 hours per week. Monday to Friday (eg 8:10am – 4:10pm)
  • Term time only plus three weeks (two of which to be during the school summer break)
  • Occasional evening/weekend working required (e.g. during major sporting events, drama productions, or the Carol Service etc)
  • Occasional out of hours on-call telephone support required

Key Responsibilities
Medical Assessment & Treatment

  • Assess pupils’ medical and pastoral needs and action relevant care, including first aid.
  • Ensure pupils are referred to or taken to (in the case of Boarders) alternative care, e.g. a GP or to hospital.
  • Provide medical cover for sports fixtures, games sessions and other events as may be required.
  • Ensure pupils with known long-term medical conditions (e.g. diabetes) are continually monitored when on site, and relevant communication with parents is documented. Safeguarding
  • Fully understand and implement all responsibilities in relation to Safeguarding Children and Young People.
  • Maintain a detailed knowledge of KCSiE.
  • Undertake appropriate training to join the safeguarding team, as a Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead.


  • Arrange and manage communication with parents with regards to medical consent.
  • Liaise with parents and staff in accordance with the school policies on medical and mental health.
  • Ensure IHCPs and Risk Assessments are accessible and understood by all relevant staff (currently delivered at INSET and held on Teams).
  • Provide general advice and training for staff for initial and ongoing care of pupils with particular medical needs.
  • Regularly liaise with the Assistant Head (DSL), Head of Boarding, Health & Safety Leads, Pupil Focus Team, and all other relevant staff regarding any medical/pastoral need of pupils.
  • Conduct meetings with relevant staff, parents and, if necessary, external agencies, to provide advice on effective medical/pastoral care for pupils.
  • Work closely with the Designated Safeguarding Lead and SENDCo, exercising sound judgment regarding confidentiality in the context of safeguarding and the welfare of children.
  • Liaise with members of SLT regarding risk assessments and the management of contagious diseases.
  • Future Ready
  • Attend all on-site Health & Safety meetings and compile reports, as necessary, for distribution to the committee.


  • Manage and maintain pupil medical files, medical and treatment records, and maintain records on the school’s MIS (iSAMS). This is to include the uploading of IHCPs, updates and updated medical and dietary needs.
  • Maintain records of pupil attendance to the Medical Room, including any accidents treated and reported, in accordance with The Royal School’s policies and procedures.
  • Ensure the timely completion of accident reports and follow school policy and national guidelines in the submission of RIDDOR reports.
  • Take responsibility for collating and ensuring the medical profile of all new joiners is available on iSAMS and make contact with parents prior to a pupil starting at the school.
  • Ensure IHCPs and Risk Assessments are written and updated as appropriate.
  • Prepare medical reports, as may be required, and present these at relevant Local Governing Body meetings.
  • Ensure catering staff are made aware of allergies, and that an appropriate system to identify pupils with allergies is maintained.


  • Store and administer medication according to school policy and ISI regulations.
  • Be responsible for the day-to-day management of the Medical Room ensuring that it is appropriately stocked and equipped, ensuring safe storage, usage and disposal of medical supplies and medications.
  • Ensure all medical equipment (e.g. spare EpiPens, asthma kits, and defibrillators) around the site is checked regularly and servicing booked, where necessary.
  • Ensure first aid training is booked (Heida) and completed, and an appropriate number of first aiders is always maintained on site.
  • Liaise with line managers of high-risk departments, to ensure staff first aid is refreshed and any indepartment medical equipment is maintained and serviced as appropriate.
  • Ensure first aid kits around the school are checked regularly and supplies replaced where necessary.
  • Ensure infection control protocols are adhered to in all sections of the school.
  • Provide first aid updates for staff and pupils at INSET and other relevant points during the year.
  • Keep up to date with the latest medical developments related to the school environment.
  • Ensure the school’s medical provision and practice is fully compliant in accordance with the Independent School Standards, ISI and United Learning.
  • Annually review and update relevant medical policies and monitor their implementation.


  • Contribute to topics within the PSHEE curriculum and deliver relevant assemblies to year/form groups, where required.
  • Be a visible and positive presence in the school community.
  • Raise awareness of medical and health issues to pupils and staff throughout the school.
  • Support the school Counsellor, as necessary.
  • Organise and liaise with the school immunisation team, to ensure pupils and parents are informed of forthcoming vaccinations, and the in-school appointments are organised and carried out successfully (Cinnamon Portal)
  • Future Ready
  • Ensure all accidents are reported on United Learning’s Accident Reporting and Management System (ARMS).
  • Liaise with the Bursar to ensure the annual staff flu vaccination programme is completed.
  • Obtain, collate and organise all medical and pastoral information for Visit Leaders, to ensure the safety and welfare of pupils when they are away from school on visits, including residentials. This will also include checking of local arrangements for medical care whilst pupils are in foreign countries.
  • Be willing to join school visits and residentials, where the needs of an individual pupil cannot be met by a member of the teaching staff in a standard supervisory role.
  • Assist the reception staff to ensure all pupils are accounted for, and any absences are followed up, where a more serious medical/pastoral need may be required.


  • Liaise with the Head of Boarding each day to ensure the general health and wellbeing of boarding
    pupils is maintained.
  • Ensure records are kept and maintained when medicine is administered, and ensure the safety,
    security of boarders’ medicines is maintained.
  • Work with the Head of Boarding to ensure all boarders are registered with the local GP.
  • Be available on the telephone to give advice regarding the medical needs of boarders.
  • Be proactive in educating pupils in how to look after themselves.
  • Ensure boarding staff remain conversant with requirements regarding the administration of medicines, including appropriate logging of medicines dispensed.


  • Carrying out any such duties as may be reasonably requested.
  • Participating willingly and enthusiastically in the life of a busy boarding and day school.