Gaming time has no link with levels of wellbeing, study finds

8th August 2022

A study of 39,000 video gamers has found “little to no evidence” time spent playing affects their wellbeing. The average player would have to play for 10 hours more than usual per day to notice any difference, it found. And the reasons for playing were far more likely to have an impact. Well-being was measured…

Depression myths: ‘Stopping medication made me twice as bad’

8th August 2022

“A $15bn hustle?” “Not based on science.” Just two of the headlines after a medical study – based on an analysis of nearly 30 years of research – found little evidence that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in our brains. This led to headlines making a link with anti-depressants, and giving the impression…

Surfing improves wellbeing of brain injury survivors

1st August 2022

A group of brain injury survivors have said taking up surfing as part of their recovery has helped change their lives. The group who live with strokes and brain injuries said surfing gave them a “valid reason for being alive”. They were taking part in research with scientists from Swansea University along with psychologists and…

Teacher sick days soar as poor conditions take toll on mental health

1st August 2022

Teachers have spent at least 1.5 million days off work owing to stress and mental health issues, new figures have revealed, amid continued concerns over the increasing pressures they are facing in the classroom. With long-running concerns about workloads and growing class sizes, new data seen by the Observer suggests that the number of days lost to…

UK Heatwave: People warned not to exercise in record temperatures

19th July 2022

Experts have warned people not to exercise in high temperatures due to “deadly conditions” caused by the heat. Body heat during exercise combined with the temperatures could see even the fittest people suffering heat exhaustion, they said. The UK’s hottest day on record is predicted for Tuesday with highs of up to 42C. Heat can…

Which Wellbeing Approaches Work Best?

18th July 2022

New research suggests that 93% of workers are now reporting that they value support for their physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing as much as what they are paid.  So, it’s not surprising to see more and more workplaces appointing Chief Wellbeing Officers to build a culture of health across their organizations.  But what are the best approaches when it…

‘There’s obviously a market’: why are there so many children’s books about anxiety?

18th July 2022

There is a pile of books stacked on a tiny children’s chair at Rachel Robson’s feet. A multicoloured tower of bright yellow, purple, blue. With monsters, and little girls, and uncomfortable emojis. And all of them feature – in some way – anxiety. In the next aisle over in the Gleebooks store in Sydney’s Glebe,…

Children too anxious to attend school being failed by English councils

11th July 2022

Councils are failing to put adequate alternative education in place for the growing numbers of children in England who are unable to attend school because of social anxiety, according to a report by the local government ombudsman. Many have complex special educational needs and are unable to go to school because there are no suitable places available…

Health and Wellbeing conference

11th July 2022

For school nurses, matrons and pastoral practitioners tasked with development and nurture of student wellbeing.

UK workers would take 10% pay cut for ‘above average’ happiness, study finds

8th July 2022

What price happiness? The answer might be £3,360 a year, as the average UK worker would take a 10.5% pay cut to work for an employer where staff enjoy “above average” levels of happiness, a study has shown. The research, which examined 23 million jobseekers across the UK, US and Canada, comes amid a growing…