Health and Wellbeing conference

11th July 2022

For school nurses, matrons and pastoral practitioners tasked with development and nurture of student wellbeing.

Creating a mentally healthier workplace

26th May 2022

This short session will look at examples of good practice and discuss ideas of how to create an environment that promotes and open culture on the topic of mental health.

The developing child

20th May 2022

This course looks at the different stages of child development both physically and mentally. It will aim to give the holder knowledge and understanding of the growth so that minor aches pains, emotion and behaviour changes can be better understood.

First Aid for Mental Health

10th May 2022

This course explores normal mental health and when normal becomes unhealthy it gives the holder an in-depth knowledge of the complexities behind management and diagnosis. It helps the holder identify what could be done in the workplace to prevent mental health issues develop and supporting those returning to work after a period off sick.

SRE and contraception

6th May 2022

“The how to guide for teaching SRE”. This course helps the holder learn about and develop skills to teach SRE in the education setting. It addresses primary and secondary lessons, explore topics and resources helping the holder to deliver up to date and meaningful sex education.

Bereavement and breaking bad news

26th April 2022

At certain times we may be involved in breaking bad news or dealing with someone who is newly bereaved. This course looks at the process and support available that could be utilized to help during this period. The holder will learn skills to be able to empathize with and manage the ongoing wellbeing of the affected person. The session will teach delegates how to have sensitive conversations that may well impact on how the affected person deal with their situation or loss.

Mental health awareness

1st April 2022

This course provides the candidates with the knowledge and understanding of good mental health and the normal highs and lows within ‘mental health’. It also looks at what happens when this starts to go wrong and what signs to look out for that may indicate this. It concentrates on how to create a mentally healthier workplace and how to look after one’s own mental health.

Resilience building

28th March 2022

This course provides guidance and training on how to build resilience in others. Simple tips that can be used to demonstrate and ‘model’ in the workplace will be shared with delegates. The process can be used in conjunction with poor performance processes and appraisals, career development and preparation for further education.

Health promotion

17th March 2022

The aim of this course is to identify and discuss areas where health promotion can be taught and supported in the educational setting or workplace. A variety of topics will be discussed such as healthy eating and body checks. We will explore the resources available and decide how this education can be disseminated in your workplace.

Teaching angst: PSHE teaching for non-teachers

3rd February 2022

This course focuses on the safe and effective planning, delivery and assessment of health and relationship as a part of the PSHE curriculum for non-teaching staff.